IPStartUp’s role has been decisive at various levels, not only in setting up the business, but also and above all, in introducing Data Corner to the Portuguese market. 

Vala Rohani | CEO of Data Corner, Unip. Ltd. [Startup Visa Entrepreneur] 


At IPStartUp we have access to advice from experts - IPS teachers – and also easy access to training and seminars, in addition to tutoring. 

Susana da Palma and Barbara Nobre| Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, EST Setúbal [Puro Verde Entrepreneurs] 


I can't think of this journey without IPStartUp. MIRAWAY came to lifeafter the work that was developed inside this incubator. 

Palmira António | Business Administration Msc Alumni, ESCE [Entrepreneur and CEO of Contempla Sorrisos, Unip. Ltd.] 


It is of great value for me to be part of IPStartUp, as I have the necessary tools, space and support for the business ideas development. In addition to project development, this entire structure allowed me to have personal development in several areas that I wouldn't have otherwise. 

Ricardo Vagarinho | Biomedical Engineering Alumni, EST Setúbal [Entrepreneur] 


It was very gratifying to be part of a project that welcomes, believes, and encourages new entrepreneurs. I really enjoyed being able to put into practice a lot of what I heard in theoretical classes. Iin fact that was the big challenge. 

Carina Bidarra | Marketing degree student, ESCE [Junior Consultant] 


IPS students have numerous interesting opportunities and activities and IPStartUp is part of them (...) Personally it was a project that captivated me a lot and I proudly participated. 

Tomás Parreira | Marketing degree student, ESCE [Junior Consultant]