Any IPS graduate, student, teacher, or employee, with a valuable project, can apply to IPStartUp, individually or in teams.

Foreign entrepreneurs from countries outside the Schengen Area can apply for IPStartUp through the Startup Visa program. In that case, entrepreneurs must present a project, that will be generally evaluated during the demonstration of interest phase. See here for more information about this program.

Entrepreneurs looking for an incubator under the Startup Voucher program can also apply and should contact IPStartUp after their application has been approved by IAPMEI. See here for more information about this program.

Other entrepreneurs who have projects aligned with IPS mission, aiming regional development, as well as areas with social impact, can also apply.

Regular applications: to apply to IPStartUp you must send an email to ipstartupnull@ips.pt with a brief description of your team and the business idea. In order to validate its framing, your application will be analyzed, and you’ll be contacted for a meeting with IPStartUp manager.

Applications under the Startup Visa program: the application must be formalized through IAPMEI platform, where the entrepreneur must select IPStartUp as an incubator to host the project. After selection, IPStartUp will analyze the project and, depending on the fulfillment of the project's eligibility requirements and the current capacity of the incubator to host it, IPStartUp will express its interest in the IAPMEI platform. At the same time, the entrepreneur is informed by email about the decision and possible procedures to be followed.

If IAPMEI/SEF approve the project and entrepreneurs choose IPStartUp, a more detailed analysis will be needed, including a mandatory interview.

Applications under the Startup Voucher program: the application must be formalized through IAPMEI platform. Entrepreneur must select IPStartUp as an incubator to host the project, after approval by IAPMEI. IPStartUp will analyze the project in detail and schedule a mandatory interview. Depending on the incubator's current capacity to host the team, IPStartUp will express its’ interest in the IAPMEI platform. Given the very short deadlines for this program, it is advisable to contact IPStartUp as soon as possible to the email ipstartupnull@ips.pt

Yes, the number of applications is unlimited. You can improve the initial project or present another project, including with different teams, with the exception of projects under the Startup Visa and Startup Voucher programs, which have specific rules.

We know that it’s difficult to take the first steps in setting up a new business and that the first year is the most critical one, with very high probability of failure.

IPStartUp supports entrepreneurs in the structuring of the project in the initial implementation phase. This support is carried out through permanent personalized tutoring and access to specialized mentors in different areas of knowledge.

IPStartUp’s partners network can help entrepreneurs to get easier access to resources such as specific financing instruments, support for marketing development, support in the company legal setup, IP management support, accounting, and tax consultancy, among others.

Additionally, belonging to IPStartUp allows entrepreneurs to belong to a community of creative people willing to share experiences and knowledge, whose synergies enrich everyone involved.

At Setúbal campus there are 3 coworking rooms (10 workstations) and at Barreiro campus there are 3 incubation rooms (9 workstations). According to the teams’ needs they can take advantage of other IPS facilities (e.g., auditoriums and laboratories), upon request and availability.

As IPStartUp does not aim to provide physical spaces beyond what is strictly necessary, there are protocols with partners which offer business/industrial spaces.

Yes. For most projects the maximum limit is 2 years. However, this duration can be adjusted to each business idea.

In the case of projects incubated under the Startup Voucher and Startup Visa programs, the usual incubation period is 12 months, and the incubation contract may or may not be renewed, according to parts.

The incubation program has 3 phases: pre-incubation, incubation and business development. The transition between these phases depends on projects type and development pace. Usually, it is expected that the pre-incubation phase does not exceed 6 months and that the business development phase starts after the constitution of a company or other type of entity.

Each team is periodically monitored by a designated tutor, meeting on average every 15 days to guide the project’s development. The tutorial dates, times and duration are agreed between the tutor and the entrepreneurs and according to their availability and the defined work plan.

Over time, entrepreneurs are exposed to other resources such as mentors, partners and acceleration programs, according to identified needs and opportunities. .

Yes. For most incubated projects incubator fees apply - see fees here.

For projects accepted under the Startup Visa program, the price for incubation services is negotiated with each team and may vary depending on their specific needs. Thus, when entrepreneurs express interest in IPStartUp, a personalized budget is presented.

Poliempreende is a business idea and business plan competition addressing entrepreneurial culture promotion and fostering the creation of knowledge-based companies and is promoted by the National Polytechnic network. The competition takes place in two phases (regional and national), with the regional phase taking place in each of the participating institutions. Although there may be external participants, all teams must include students or graduates from the institution. The winners of each regional phase will compete nationally. For more information about the competition, see Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal website.

Poliempreende includes a training program for entrepreneurship that aims to prepare entrepreneurs for structuring both the business and the financial plan. Annually, this competition ends with the awarding of the winners in the national phase, after passing through the regional one. As projects that reach regional pahse jury’s presentation stage demonstrate a level of development compatible with entry into pre-incubation, these participants may be invited to incubate at IPStartUp directly.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs who apply for incubation at IPStartUp can be referred to the Poliempreende training program as a way of preparing themselves for entry into the incubator or, in the case of those accepted, to improve their entrepreneurial skills.