IPStudentEntrepreneur Award

IPStudentEntrepreneur Award is an IPS initiative, through IPStartUp Incubator and in collaboration with Santander Bank, which aims to promote entrepreneurship among IPS students and Alumni. 

The Award aims to recognize the best business projects/ideas led by IPS students or Alumni. The 4 projects awarded get incubated at IPStartUp and earn up to €625.00 to use in some business costs. 

Who can apply: 

IPS studentsin which at least one of the elements has a registration in force on the date of application for the Award; 

Alumni, in which at least one of its members has completed their course in the last 2 years at the time of application for the Award; 

Teams already incubated at IPStartUp. 

[Teams can also include teachers and external elements of the IPS] 

Applications for the Award are open continuously, annually, between January 1st and May 31st. Applications must be submitted by email to ipstartupnull@ips.pt, including the project presentation and at least the business plan and financial plan.

See the Regulation HERE